On the home front

While our forever home continues to elude us, there’s nothing to stop us making the most of what we do have. We’ve already changed this flat beyond recognition (see below), but after years of wear and tear (cough, and a few parties, cough), it’s due a repaint and re-carpet. And that was before the water tank leaked through the ceiling, the shower exploded and we decided to turn the study into a second bedroom.

Yes, we’re no stranger to the renovation game, ever since we picked up the keys one dark and chilly December evening five and a half years ago (almost to the day, it was December 15th), we have lavished care and attention (but not very much money) on our lovely Stoke Newington pad…

The sitting room before – vinyl wallpaper, six (yes, six!) layers of woodchip wallpaper on the ceiling and tinted mirrored wardrobes…

Stoke Newington before

Sitting room before

And after…

The kitchen before… (we got a little carried away with the demolition before we remembered to take the photo)

and after…

the bedroom before…

and after…

the garden before (well, work had already begun. Impatient us?)…

Garden before

and after…

A gratuitous picture of the kitten that has visited us regularly ever since he was big enough to climb through the window. I call him Stripes. Here he’s on the chaise longue that you can see in the sitting room before it got recovered with delectable Ian Mankin fabric (the husband was disappointed, he liked the pink velvet. He is going to kill me if he ever sees this!).

And I couldn’t resist a shot of my bespoke bathroom cabinet. I don’t have a before shot, but I did do the tiling all by myself on those alcoves (yes, that is why it’s a bit wonky).


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