Full disclosure

The Frugal Kitchen

Cupboard love: here’s what you’ll find in The Frugal Kitchen

So having pledged to live on £80 a week, I think it’s only fair to share exactly what resources are at my disposal at the start of the process. So here goes: this is what I have in my kitchen/bathroom cupboards as of Sunday afternoon:


4 eggs

2 slices of ham

7 carrots

Approx. 100g of butter

1 withered pepper

1 courgette

1 banana shallot

10 potatoes

4 spring onions

Half a bulb of garlic

Quarter of a bunch of coriander

Fresh ginger

1 tube tomato purée

1 small lump of cheddar (about 50g)


1 tub of homemade veggie chilli (serves 2)

1 tub of homemade courgette and paneer curry

2 chicken breasts

1 pack mini chicken fillets

1 pack casserole steak

Half a pack of spinach

Half a pack of chips

Half a roll of filo pastry

A small bag of chopped celery

A freezer bag of lemon slices

Homemade crumble mix

1 pack mixed berries

Half pack potato croquettes

Half a pack frozen broccoli

Two packs smoked salmon

Two tuna steaks

1 tub homemade gravy (chicken)

Store cupboard:

Spices (too many to list)

600g pasta (brown and white)

600g spaghetti

2kg long grain rice

250g cous cous

1 pack of flour tortillas

1 pack lasagna sheets

500g egg noodles

Nuts and seeds (various)

Flour (plain, self-raising, gram, cornflour, buckwheat)

Sugar (dark brown soft, light brown soft, granulated, caster, demerara, icing)

500g polenta

5 tins red kidney beans

1 tin chickpeas

3 tins black beans

2 tins coconut milk

Oils (sunflower, olive, basil-infused, chilli, ground nut)

Vinegar (balsamic, white wine, rice, pickling)

Bicarbonate of soda

Baking powder

Fish sauce

Soy sauce

Mustards (various)

Stock cubes (various)

Pomegranate molasses

1 jar pesto

1 jar mango chutney

1 jar lime pickle

1 jar peanut butter

1 jar cranberry sauce

1 jar horseradish sauce

2 bottles of ketchup (one posh, one Heinz)

Okay, so there are a few other odds and sods, but you get the picture without me listing the pouch of Bajan seasoning I bought on honeymoon last year or the three-year old bottle of lemon juice

Bathroom/cleaning essentials:

2 packs of dishwasher tablets

1 bottle of comfort softener

1 bottle Persil small and mighty

Assorted cleaning products

3 bottles shower gel

Assorted minis stolen from hotels


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