The best things in life are free: one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure

Roses and pansies and pinks, oh my!

Roses and pansies and pinks, oh my!

LoveRichCashPoor did some gardening at the weekend. The tomato and courgette plants are all potted up, fed and watered and we’ve tackled the out-of-control virginia creeper that is invading the garden for at least another week.

But the highlight had to be a little re-organisation of the pots dotted around the garden, many of which have been generously donated by the kind folks of Stoke Newington (well, their builders anyway, who gave LoveRichCashPoor permission to raid the many skips). Now this is the view that greets me on my return home from work. Bliss.

Chimney pot: spotted in a pile of rubble and rescued (with permission from the builders who had dumped it there).

Wicker basket: used to be a hanging basket, now a little too dilapidated to hang (gentle decay is fine with me).

Conical garden support: left by the previous owner.


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