If you go down to the woods today…

A picnic in Epping Forest, Essex

Okay, so this one didn’t really qualify for the ‘best things in life are free’ section, as a punnet of doughnut nectarines costs £1.50 (we’d scoffed most of them by this point) and we (well, the husband) had to pay for the petrol to get to Epping Forest, but the stroll through the woods was free.

We sprung over spongy, mossy mounds marvelling at the many shades of green and crunched our way over a carpet of brittle beech nut shells. We wove between contorted tree trunks and stopped in our tracks as a fox cub dashed across our path. Then, ahead in the distance, the green glow of a grassy clearing where we could lay down our trusty blanket in dappled sunlight and while away an hour or two with the Saturday papers.

I love weekends. What did you all get up to? X


  1. There are worse things than a warm summer Sunday, fresh nectarines and shaded spot to read the papers on a blanket. You know, I’ve never tried those flat nectarines–they always looked gimmicky to me. Maybe I’ll give them a chance now, along with the Times Book Review. Ken

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