The best things in life are free: Team GB sweeties

Team GB sweeties

TFL take note, this is the way to tempt people to ‘move down inside the carriage’…

LoveRichCashPoor went to the Stratford last night to watch the Paralympics. It was utterly, fantastically brilliant. Thanks to the most wonderful husband in the world for securing us tickets (and *cough* paying for them *cough*).

Even I, greedy as I am, can’t claim that the best part was when they handed out Team GB sweets on the way home, but it certainly was a highlight!


  1. Margaret said:

    What did you see? I’ve been fortunate to have tickets too and I have loved it. What a truly amazing atmosphere!

    • Oh it was so fantastic… We were in the stadium for evening athletics last night so saw Oscar run in the 100m relay and GB get a silver and bronze. The best part was the cheery volunteers and incredible atmosphere! Worth every penny! What did you see? X

  2. Margaret said:

    I bet that was awesome being there – it was exciting watching on TV. Have seen swimming (saw Ellie break world record!), athletics, rowing and wheelchair basketball, going again Saturday evening for athletics, can’t wait. Really going to miss it all, I really hope the happy, positive feeling can last. Have felt quite emotional watching on TV tonight! It’s been the best summer I can remember ever!!

    • Oh wow how wonderful! Have an incredible time. I’ve never known London to be such a wonderful place, I don’t know how we’re going to cope when it’s gone! X

  3. Margaret said:

    I totally agree. I remember the day we won the games and have been making regular trips to see the progress of the Olympic Park during the last couple of years. I always seem to get the blues when the fun is over, whatever it is. Going to have to put things in place to see me through the winter! But there is always something to do in London, I think you’re lucky living there!

    • To help us get through, we’ll have bright but crisp autumn mornings when even the pavement sparkles, piles of fallen leaves to kick high into the air when no one is looking just for the pleasure of feeling like we’re three again, apple crumble, twinkling Christmas lights, and my favourite of all BONFIRE NIGHT! We will survive! X

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