Pop goes the weasel: salted caramel popcorn

popcorn cones with salted caramel popcorn

In the run up to my wedding, I spent a full day making 120 confetti cones. At the time, I thought that if I never saw another confetti cone again it would be too soon and started to question my own sanity. Still in retrospect, I wouldn’t change our very handmade wedding for the world; pre-bought confetti cones are about £1 each, mine cost 89p in total for a roll of brown parcel paper and a bit of double-sided tape bought in bulk on the interweb, most of which I still have in the cupboard. Not so insane.

confetti cones

Popcorn makes a great canape – savoury or sweet. It’s extremely cheap to make and easy to flavour to fit a theme. E.g. sprinkle over lime zest and chilli – hey presto, it’s Mexican popcorn.

popcorn cones with salted caramel popcorn

These cones just add to the festive atmosphere. They couldn’t really be more simple to make. You can probably even find a cone template on the interweb if you google it. I just use plain old squares, cut out with pinking shears – first because it’s pretty and second because it takes the pressure off to cut in straight lines. I adore pinking shears.

confetti cones - ingredients

So for these cones, I used two different papers I had knocking about in the cupboard – wrapping paper and ancient writing paper – the aforementioned pinking shears and double-sided tape plus some Cath Kidston stickers for decoration. Cut into squares, one smaller than the other (seriously, don’t waste your life measuring these out, just snip away until it looks good). As a rough guide, you’re looking for the largest square to be the size of a squared-off side of A4. The smaller square should be 1-2cm smaller on all sides. Stick the smaller square on top of the bigger square and twizzle up into a cone. Stick with double sided tape. You could use a glue stick I suppose, but you’ll have to hold it in place while it dries. Plus, we’re living out our wildest Blue Peter fantasy here, people!

popcorn cones

In this instance, I made salted caramel popcorn. I did it all wrong: I made the popcorn and poured over the caramel (recipe here), then neglected to bake it, which meant by the time I’d fiddled about with it for the pictures it had lost its satisfying crunch. It also meant our fingers (and face in my case) got covered in a sticky caramel sauce as we munched. Not necessarily a bad thing and it still tasted good! I’ve since bothered to actually look at how to do this and found this. It sounds like this lady knows what she’s talking about to me!

So to recap, this is a post essentially recommending you to look elsewhere for expert advice. Clearly, I’m going to have to work on my marketing skills and general approach to this blogging lark!

  1. Rin said:

    This is very cute, and looks oh so good!

    • Thank you! I think anything is nice when combined with salted caramel!

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