The best things in life are free: foraging 2013

Food for free – what’s not to love? Foraging is one of life’s great pleasures and now we live in rural France, I’ve been taking full advantage of the numerous hedgerows. When we first arrived in June, there were elderflowers to gather and cordial to make. For the recipe, see here.

elderflower champagne elderflower cordial 2013


Throughout the summer, we enjoyed wild mint in salads, raitas and cous cous.

But now autumn is on our doorstep it’s blackberry and rosehip time…

blackberries, rosehips and mint*disclaimer – the flowers are merely a bit of added pretty, I have no idea whether they are in fact suitable for use as a garnish.

  1. I’m not even sure what a cordial is, but the foraging possibilities of your current circumstances sound wonderful. Regarding your disclaimer, What flowers? All I see is some (wild?) mint. Ken

    • A cordial is a kind of syrup that you dilute with water for a flavoured drink… Do you have that in the US? The flowers are sticking out of the bottles of elderflower ‘champagne’ (fizzy water and elderflower cordial) – they just looked so pretty but I don’t know what they are an therefore whether they are edible or not! i’m prepared to take the risk, personally, but wouldn’t want anyone else to suffer. In the other photo it is wild mint, grows like a weed over here… Very handy for mojitos! X

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