The versatile blogger award

A million thanks to Bettina over at I want that kangaroo who has nominated yours truly for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am honoured. I can’t even begin to explain how much it means to me that people are stopping by and reading my blog, and even finding something that resonates enough to leave a comment. So thank you, everyone.

Now according to the rules, I must now tell you all seven things about me and nominate fellow 15 bloggers for this award. I’m getting flashbacks to circa 1990 and the whole chain letter debacle, but I am going to soldier on through…

So here goes:

One: I could make a career out of pottering. In fact, my main ambition in life is to be a professional potterer. Seriously, if anyone is hiring…

Two:  I cry when deprived of coffee; I am not a morning person but I greatly admire those that are.

Three: I walked up the aisle to Beyonce’s Crazy in Love. Yes, really. A very clever friend of ours composed a version on the piano for the occasion and I get goosepimples every time I hear it.

Four: I have been known to spend over an hour fantasizing about what I’d do if I won the lottery… when I haven’t even bought a ticket.

Five: I won’t eat peas under any circumstances.

Six: I get so infuriated by injustice that sometimes I cannot watch the news for fear that I will explode. At the moment, I’m mostly incandescent with rage about the Olympic tax haven.

Seven:  I cannot stop myself from rubber-necking through lit windows after dusk. If any of you live in my area, I strongly advise you to draw your curtains.

And my favourite blogs:

Cooking in Sens

Conker & Indigo

This French Farmhouse

The world of Jess Indeedy


Kiss my spatula

Project Palermo

Five & Spice


Charming Trinity


The Tummy Train

Daily Nibbles

The Garum Factory

  1. Thanks for including This French Farmhouse! I love your content!

    • You are most welcome – your pictures always brighten up my day, so thank you! X

  2. Aren’t you sweet! Thanks for nominating us! You seem to lead one of the richest lives with the smallest amount of money of anyone I read–with an hilarious tone that manages to be self-effacing at one moment and snarky (that’s a good thing) the next. Keep up the good work. Ken

    • Thank you! I couldn’t have written a more flattering description myself – people will think I’m paying you, I will do my best to live up to it. X

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