In a rich man’s world: LoveRich CashPoor goes to Monaco

If money grew on trees...

If money grew on trees…

Five observations about rich people…

Public transport Monaco-style, helicopter transfer

Public transport Monaco-style: helicopter transfer

1) If you are rich and can afford to do extremely exciting things, for example, take a helicopter from the airport to the hotel, you will lose all sense of wonder. The other passengers on this helicopter spent the flight on their blackberries. I whooped, squealed and took photos. I know, you can’t take me anywhere!

Money can't buy happiness but it can buy you a yacht

Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy you a yacht

2) In fact, rich people do not smile much at all. It appears money can buy you a yacht, but it can’t force you to enjoy owning one.

one ferrari, two ferrari, three ferrari, four...

one Ferrari, two Ferrari, three Ferrari, four…

3) If Monaco is anything to go by, rich people’s mantra is: ‘when the world hands you a tax break, buy a Ferrari’…

The powder room, Hermitage, Monaco

The powder room, Hermitage, Monaco

4) The richer you are, the larger your bathroom.

Sushilicious L'Asia plate at La Notre Bleue, Monaco

Sushilicious L’Asia plate at La Notre Bleue

5) Rich people eat the same as poor foodies, but they pay a lot more for it!

  1. Margaret said:

    It kind of goes without saying I would like enough money so I am not stressed about the mortgage and bills and I’m not counting out pennies to buy a pint of milk, but I truly feel I would rather be poor than be stupidly rich and not have that sense of wonder and appreciation of life and things. Really interesting reading your words about rich people. However, I do hope you’re enjoying your trip!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. In Monaco we visited a perfume factory nestled in the hills and got to watch the sunset. Going back is on My bucket list! Great shots.

    • Thank you! I’ve always wanted to go to the perfume fields in Grasse, especially the jasmine festival. Imagine being rained on by jasmine flowers – it would sure beat conventional rain, which we have more than our fair share of here in London. X

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